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Household Goods

Household goods carriers must obtain operating authority from MoDOT Motor Carrier Services before operating in or between Missouri municipalities and/or in commercial zones.

Household goods carriers must also file applications to reflect increases and decreases in operational costs.

Gaining operating authority in Missouri includes an application process. The Application to Operate Intrastate (MO-1 Form) guides you through the process.  It prompts you to:

  • Provide proof of insurance
  • Pay $10 per vehicle
  • Demonstrate satisfactory safety fitness
  • Report whether you intend to carry hazardous materials. 
  • Declare your intent to operate wholly within Missouri commercial zones
  • Provide a list of your vehicles’ type, model year, make, reasonable value and ownership status
  • Provide proof of financial fitness


Consumer Information Forms
Sample Tariffs

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Do Changes to Household Goods Law Affect Your Business?

On August 28, 2012 several changes to household goods transportation went into effect. Among these are changes in tarrifs and rates; the elimination of route restrictions; the elimination of proof of need and the need to comply with Missouri workers’ compensation law.



Motor carriers transporting household goods in Missouri intrastate commerce, including carriers who participate in through routes or interline service, are no longer required to file a tariff with Motor Carrier Services. Tariffs must be prepared, printed and kept open for public inspection at your place of business. All tariffs must continue to be made available for inspection or copying by authorized State officials upon request.


All rate orders issued by the MHTC or its predecessors, as it pertains to maximum and minimum rates, are set aside and vacated effective August 28, 2012. All other regulatory items within the rate orders remain in effect.

Motor Carriers transporting household goods are no longer prohibited from using a schedule of rates or charges that divide the state into territorial rate areas effective August 28, 2012. Rates applicable to the transportation of  household goods to, from and between all points within Missouri must be clearly defined within the tariff printed and kept on file in the motor carrier’s place of business.

Route Restrictions Eliminated

New applicants for authority to transport household goods for hire or compensation in intrastate commerce are no longer be required to specify the route or routes where they intend to operate effective. All new carriers whose applications demonstrate they are fit, willing and able to perform the proposed intrastate transportation of household goods will be granted authority to engage in the business of transporting household goods in intrastate commerce between all points and places within Missouri.

Established motor carriers transporting household goods will be granted a new certificate or permit of authority removing any previous route restrictions effective August 28, 2012.


No Proof of Need for Service

New applicants applying for authority to transport household goods are no longer required to provide proof that the proposed service will provide a useful present and future public purpose.

Workers Compensation Compliance

Effective August 28, 2012, motor carriers transporting household goods must maintain workers compensation coverage that complies with Chapter 287 of the Missouri Revised Statutes  through the Missouri Division of Workers Compensation. Failure to fulfill workers compensation requirements will result in suspension of operating authority. New applicants for authority to transport household goods must certify workers compensation insurance coverage at the time of application.

Household Goods & Regulations

Rule or



Motor carrier shall furnish safe and adequate service – unreasonable charges prohibited.

387.040 Transportation prohibited until schedule of rates and fares is filed and published
387.050 Rates and fare, filing and publication
387.060 Motor carriers to furnish correct rates on written requires – penalty and damages for failure
387.070 Changes in schedule-notice required
387.080 Concurrent in joint tariffs – contracts, agreements or arrangements between any carriers
387.100 Rates to be charged as fixed unjust discrimination prohibited
387.110 Preference to locality or particular traffic, prohibited – carriers of household goods, territorial rate areas, prohibited
387.120 Free passes and reduced rates prohibited except to certain persons

Granting or attempting to grant reduced rated prohibited


Continuous carriage


Liability for damage to property in transit


Certificate required for common carriers to do business – application, content-hearing-factors considered-issued when


Contract carriers to have permit –application, contents-hearing, issuance-contract rates


Procedure for obtaining certificate, permits and rate relief-motion to intervene, when, content-ruling final, when-time extension


Temporary permit, issued when


Common carrier may discontinue service, when


Certificate or permit may be revoked, altered or amended, when


Certificate or permit transferred to purchaser, assignee or consolidated company, when


Motor carriers, license required- annual, issued when-emergency or temporary license for seventy-two hours-fees-out-of-state agreements, effect-violation, penalty


Financial statement for intrastate common or contract carriers of household goods or passengers filed when, content-form-failure to comply, penalty deposit in school fund-motor carriers failure to maintain records, effect


Definition of Household Goods

7 CSR 10-25.040

Notice to be Given to Consumers by Household Goods Carriers—Timing of Delivery, Form and Contents

7 CSR 265-10

Motor Carrier Operations (Entire Chapter)

4 CSR 265-12.020

Uniform System of Accounts for Class B Motor Carriers of Household Goods and Passengers


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