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Frequently Asked Questions


What is excess land?

Excess land is property that MoDOT originally acquired for a transportation project or other operational need such as maintenance facility.  The property becomes excess when the Department determines that it will no longer be necessary for a transportation project or other operational need.

How can I find out if a particular property is available for sale?

Compile as many specifics as you can with regards to the property's location and call or email your local Realty to Roads Coordinator.  Click Link - to locate a Coordinator in the area where the property of interest is located.

How do I get on your mailing list?

Click Link - and provide us your email address.

How is excess land sold?

Excess land is sold at auction, either by an oral public auction or a sealed bid auction, by a Real Estate Broker, or marked for sale by MoDOT.  Under certain circumstances, excess property may be offered for sale directly to adjoining property owners.  It may also be offered for direct sale to public agencies if the property is to be used for a public purpose.

Is there a minimum bid?

Yes, there is a minimum bid, though sometimes it may be unannounced.

What forms of payment does MoDOT accept?

MoDOT accepts personal checks, cashier's checks and certified checks.

What do I need to do in order to bid on MoDOT excess land?

Generally speaking, you only need to show up at the auction and register to bid.  However, it is important to review the sales announcement prior to bidding since individual sales may have different requirements.

Where does the money go that MoDOT receives from the sale of excess land?

Proceeds from the sale of excess land are deposited in the Missouri Department of Revenue - Credit State Road Fund, and used for future transportation projects.

Does MoDOT offer financing?


How can I purchase surplus equipment from MoDOT?

For information about surplus MoDOT equipment, you can view MoDOT's GovDeals Page.

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